The Plunger Cove Story

one of a kind art from reclaimed materials

Boats, bots and flying things.
Welcome to PLUNGER COVE.

        I was born and raised in Vancouver and was lucky enough to grow up with the summer cabin on Indian arm. With a couple of boats, a bucket of buttons, rusty nails, blocks of wood and some old Archie comics and a grandfather who loved to teach me how to use tools. We made our own fun!

        These things stuck with me as I grew up. I love to create things from  

 repurpose, reclaimed and found materials to create one of a kind art pieces.


I’ve been making the boats, whimsical watercraft, as I call them for many years. Work boats mostly, tugs and fishing boats of the west coast. The use of reclaimed materials give these a real been to sea feel.


Recently I’ve added lighthouses, on driftwood bases. Seagulls also seem like a natural fit into my mostly nautical artworks.


Submarines are also a new addition and seem to be a big hit, as long as they are yellow!

I have found myself wondering into the world of vintage sci-fi. The submarines morphed into spacecraft and robots have made an entrance!


New work is always exciting and keeps the artistic blood flowing.

 My work travels all over the world and I love to hear from customers, 

drop me a line or better yet send me a photo of my work in its new home.

Thanks for visiting,


North Vancouver, BC Canada

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