Share with us your Plunger cove boat stories!

I've been making these boats in one form or another for 25+ years now and have always wondered where they have gone. Do you have a special story about where my boats have ended up, who received it? What's the story? I'd love to hear about it! Drop me a line at my email and we will post them here on the blog page. This blog is your blog, Mark. #boats #stories #wherearethey

New website!

This new site is starting to take shape! Complete with on-line shop, to make any purchases a whole lot easier (coming soon!) and the calendar where I can keep folks up to date with what's happening and where I will be. As well as this blog where I will keep you up to date with what going on at Plunger Cove World Headquarters. I'm feeling pretty positive about the way this new website is feeling and looking, although I'm sure there will be many changes and a few frustrating moments for this aging wood chuck! Please stay tuned. #seagulls #newwebsite #feelingpositive

North Vancouver, BC Canada

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